Upon the client's request, Skyteller professionals will either start a new business from scratch or work with an existing enterprise. In addition to that, the client will get access to the active support, as well as a pathway to the sustainable development of a business. The prime strength of the team is a unique approach to each business idea and outstanding customer relationships. Skyteller can provide the following services upon satisfactory completion of the Due Diligence procedure:

  • Company Director
  • Company Secretarial Services
  • Managing and reporting on the bank accounts
  • Liaising with auditors, investors, asset managers
  • Structuring and restructuring clients' business
  • Arranging Regulatory filings and reporting
  • Other Services directly or indirectly related to the business.

Commercial & Finance

Skyteller may not always have the direct involvement in the management of a business. Instead there will be an assistance and monitoring of the various essential aspects such as:

  • Financial planning and succession
  • Corporate governance & interim management
  • Compliance and regulation advisory
  • Complicated offshore structures unwinding
  • Relationships with third parties.

Skyteller professionals can also help with obtaining and clarifying a Tax or Legal Advice, as well as Accounting and Audit. The greatest strength of the firm is the rational presentation of the business and solutions it requires.


Skyteller has been taking part in the active restricting of one of the largest groups of companies in the field of Property Management in the UK in the year 2012. The first step has been to obtain a printed tax assessment by a partner firm and later an organization of a new group structure to suit the updated reality of online business model. Skyteller's team will be delighted to assist with the following:

  • Business processes improvement (BPI)
  • Financing arrangement and facilitation
  • One-stop-shop property acquisition and management. In partnership with the sister company First Alliance Management UK, Skyteller presents a large rental property portfolio and the services include: organizing viewings, facilitating and collecting rent, paying costs, as well as providing annual reports to the owners. The service is unique and is suited to an individual need and demand of the proprietor,

Other services

  • Relationship banking to help solidify customer loyalty and offer a single point of service, tailored to a variety of products and services
  • Investment opportunities to ensure the secure conduct of reasonable investments
  • Liquidity crisis resolution to assist with solving an issue that stems from the lack of liquid assets for short-term obligations
  • Other personal and business needs upon the client's request

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